Nutirtion for Cycling

Cyclists Can Benefit from the Right Supplements

Cycling is an endurance sport that places high demands on the body. While you want to make sure you are in the best possible physical condition by eating a balanced diet that includes lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and low-fat dairy products, this may not be enough to give you the level of performance you are looking for. Certain supplements can give your performance a boost by providing you with higher levels of endurance or helping your muscles to recover more quickly after a workout. You’re getting on your bike to get (and keep) yourself in the best possible physical shape, so you may as well consider using all the tools at your disposal to improve your health.

Stop Smoking for Good Health

If one of your goals is to improve your health and you are still smoking, you are defeating the purpose. Unlike drinking alcohol, there are no guidelines for safely indulging in this habit in moderation. Lighting up one cigarette has the potential to cause serious harm to your health, according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Young adults are more likely to smoke than more mature adults, and lighting up just a few times per day causes damage to the arteries in otherwise healthy people.

Maintaining a healthy diet is also key for good health here are some links to some great sites which will aid you in maintaining a healthy diet.

Whey Protein Supplements for Cyclists

As you work your muscles while cycling, you are breaking down the fibers in your hamstrings, quadriceps, and hamstrings. To aid in their recovery and growth, ideally you should be consuming a serving of protein within 30-45 minutes after a workout.

Whey protein powder is available in a powder, which you can mix into a shake for an easy post-workout drink. You can also grab a protein bar to stave off hunger and give your muscles what they need to stay healthy.

Green Tea Increases Endurance

Since cycle touring is an endurance sport, consider adding green tea to your regular routine. Taking this supplement in high doses will allow you to work out longer and can boost your endurance by up to 24 percent, according to the American Physiological Society. Adding it your daily routine can make it less likely you will hit the proverbial wall when you are riding.

Vitamin C for Sore Muscles

Every cyclist knows the feeling of store, stiff muscles the day after a workout. The reason your muscles are protesting so hard after you put them through their paces after you spend time on your bike is the tiny tears they incur when they have worked extremely hard. These tears become inflamed, and cause pain. Taking time to warm up and cool down before and after exercising can help, but it will not eliminate the discomfort.

The results of a study conducted by researchers at the Western States Chiropractic College found that taking large doses (3,000 milligrams) of Vitamin C for three days helped to reduce muscle soreness after a workout. The Vitamin C helps to make collagen, which is a type of natural “glue” that holds the cells in the muscle together. The faster the body is able to produce this compound, the more quickly it is able to heal.

If you want to enjoy the health benefits of getting on your bike and going on a tour, you need to be in the best possible physical condition. Using the right kind of supplements can help you to build the lean muscle you need to respond to the demands of your sport and recover quickly after a workout. Smoking robs your body of good health and only increases your risk of hardening of the arteries and early death. The sooner you can put down cigarettes for good, the better. If sore muscles stop you from working out as often as you like, consider increasing your Vitamin C consumption to stay healthy and active.

This was a guest post by Eve Pearce, check out some of her other posts:


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