GoPro Accessories: K-Edge Handle Bar Mount

One of the many GoPro accessories available from the GoPro store is the ‘Handle bar and Seat post mount’. Acouple weeks backs I was pretty disappointed to find this rather overprice mount snapped after a pretty small tumble. Check out the video of me crashing and witness the mount breaking.

So I decided to purchase something a little more robust, I went for the K-Edge Handle Bar mount, A CNC machined metal mount which clamps onto any 31.8mm. It will fit onto a 25.4mm dia bar with a bit of road handle bar tape underneath, as you can see in the pictures below when I tested it cycling to work.


I was really pleased with this mount I have since tested it riding downhill and the clamp is very stiff and versatile, you can have tucked out the way filming in front of you or up high facing down, as well as facing yourself and any angle.

Below is a video from the K-Edge mount of me cycling to work.

UPDATE 04/08/13

I recently had an incident with a tree (See video below) and was disappointed to find my K-edge mount to be broken. However upon inspection of the packaging I found that it states the product had a ‘Lifetime warranty’. So I trundled back to the bike shop I purchased it from they happily sent it back and I received a new one within the week, no question asked.



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