Triscombe DH Trails Video: Experimenting with new Go Pro mounts

Last weekend I headed over to Triscombe Downhill Trails with a friend to try out our new Go Pro mounts. In our inventory of new Go Pro goodies were a chest mount and a handlebar mount.

The video below shows the use of these mounts and at the end some footage of crashing on board with me!

Chest Mount

This mount gives a really great view that’s a bit more interesting than the helmet mount because you can see the rider’s handlebars and part of the bike so you get a better feel of the riding experience. I recommend mounting the Go Pro upside down so you can angle it upwards because when you riding you will be leant forwards and this way you can see a better view of what’s coming up.  It is dead easy to rotate the footage after  in any editing software, including the free go pro Cineforme software. You can play around with the angle of the camera on the chest mount and have it facing directly in front (when standing upright) so that when you’re riding you can see the ground and your feet whilst riding. Check out the video below, it showcases a couple different chest mount angles whilst riding.

Handlebar / Seatpost Mount

This mount is really versatile you can use it on your handle bar or on your seat post, as the name suggests, or any bar that will fit it on your bike. However if you watch the video below you’ll notice that I break the handle bar mount, I can tell you know it wasn’t a dramatic crash just a fall onto my side and the Go Pro was barely touched and the mount just broke off, quite disappointing when you consider how much Go Pro charge for such a small amount of plastic. I suspect this may have been a defect because it broke with so little force. I will get another to test whether it was a faulty mount or they just suck and I will report back.

Song: ‘Don’t Stop’ by ‘Foster the people’

Stick a comment down below with your thought on the video and/or any advice on Go Pro filming.


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