Go Pro Hero 3 Black Edition: Experimenting with time lapse slo mo and tomatoes

At last the moment in my life has arrived when I have a Go Pro and not any old Go Pro but a Hero 3 Black edition. I have been doing some experiments because I have never had any recording device of any sort. Today I tried Time Lapses and slow motion.

Time Lapse

So on a Go Pro if you have the ‘Cineforme software’ (available from the go pro official website), this is so easy just choose your setting start the timelapse, stop it, plug your go pro in, import all the images from your memory card and the software splits all the different time lapses you did. Then simply convert edit and watch. Easy.

Slow Motion

Now this took a bit of googling. So basically film at a high fps rate then when you convert it in the go pro cineforme software use the ‘adavanced settings’ tab to convert it to a slower fps rate than you filmed and once converted you’ll have a beautiful slow motion clip. May seem obvious to some people but I didn’t have a clue.


Let me know what you think in the comments below or give me some suggesting as too what else I can drop and film in slow mo.


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